Name Akshay Wagh
Exam Qualified Water Resources State Departmental Exam 2016
Rank 17
Current Position & Organization Junior Engineer, Maharashtra
Study Plans during preparations Chapter wise time allocation, attempting to form MCQs from Paragraph, at least 1 revision to covered syllabus and minimum number of Mock Tests
Recommendations for books Made Easy Books, Gupta and Gupta MCQ book
Interview Experiences 1 attempt. Maharashtra PSC Exam 2015. Got 47 out of 75 Was not at all comfortable with English, therefore attempted most of the questions in my mother tongue Marathi. When I didn’t know the answer straight away said I don’t know a answer, never tried to false attempt and fake explanation.
Success Story Well I still didn’t get the desired Post but I am attempting and hopeful.
Brief Testimony You are the Best Engineering Teacher, I have been studied under. I am not saying this for the sake of it, you truly are amazing. There was never a moment in any lecture where you were off topic even for a half minute. Your concentration on topic at hand was unbelievable. I remember funnily describing you as Angry Young Man to my classmates, but of course you weren’t angry you were extremely focused. Apart from concentration, your ability to explain every topic in different ways is also very much useful. I was lucky to learn under you and will wish the same for many more aspiring students.