Name Apoorva Gupta
Exam Qualified DMRC AM
GATE All India Rank 339
Brief description of panel members Five members r there with one lady
Number of technical questions asked 4
Number of non-technical questions asked 8-10
Interview Questions Technical (Green building and what is role of civil engineers in it, shear reinforcement in column where more or less n spacing, Physics ques like no. Of forces and reactions come in body in different situations ,Splicing in column )
Nontech( Whose slogan is this no. Of from this, Various history or latest questions related any new or interests in DAF like he asked about awards given to various mathematician and when as I got 100 marks in it in 12th ,why u wanna come here,news related hobbies ,Asked situations like If I posted you here and family opposes as you have some responsibility then what to do)