Name Chaudhari Harsh
Exam Qualified GPSC AE
State Rank 235
Brief description of panel members GPSC MEMBER NATHU SOSA
Number of technical questions asked 20
Number of non-technical questions asked 3
Interview Questions Date 1 march
panel 2 nathu sosa Chairman Introduction Ketli exam api atyar sudhi Department name Kalpsar vibhag nu kam Kalpsar 30 km dam profile and storage Types of road,NE 1 Vise E.way n NH difference
Member 1 HR,CR,TIDAL REGULATOR difference Type of CD WORKS River interlinking in gujarat India ma weather forecast kon kre India ma river data,storage,level kona under ma ave Soi full form Rcc str ni design method khali nam puchya As ae dam pr flood condition ma su krso
Member 2 Rule level n rule curve smjavo Orifice type splwy Stoneware pipe Cc value 1 su indicate kre Jo koi pier nu scouring thtu hoy to remedies Member 3 Gi pipe,n ae pipe prna colour ptta vise jnavo Bend n elbow vise Np1,np2 vise and p1,p2 vise jnavo Type of culvert
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