Name Vikas Chhajyan
Exam Qualified UPPSC AE
State Rank 66
Brief description of panel members 3 members ( 2 technical + 1 non-technical chairman)
Number of technical questions asked 15-20
Number of non-technical questions asked 5-6
Interview Questions Duration 15 – 18 minutes
Chairperson – passout year, my hometown and some general questions.
Member 1– Major questions were from Rcc like difference and similarly between design of steel structures and rcc structures, Mix design, difference between wsm and lsm, limit state of serviceability, how to control cracks in rcc structures, underground water tank designing, Vibrations in the building.
Member 2 – Road construction, WBM and WMM, Road plans, overlay design, benkleman beam method, flexible and rigid pavement, Unevenness index range, difference between asphalt and bitumen.