Name GUrtej Singh
Exam Qualified ESE
All India Rank 6
Brief description of panel members 3 Technical Advisors + 1 Chairperson
Number of technical questions asked Approx 50, whole interview was technical
Number of non-technical questions asked 3
Interview Questions TCA Anant – 30 min approx.
Chairman – Where are you from, BTech, What did you do for 2 years, What is your training location ? B Tech Project ?
Member 1
1. In documentaries of bridge Engg in Australia and China, they use a technique what’s it called ? It is used by Army also.
2. In Survey how would you go for geodetic correction, what’s the formula.
3. How can you survey a lake using a dumpy, you can’t go around it.
4. How would you measure a width of river if you can’t go around it? How would you maintain similarity of triangles ?
5. Favorite subjects ?
6. Deflection profile of a continuous beam and deflection at L/4 distance.
7. Write the formula used, how would you calculate moment at mid point, write slope def eqn.
Member 2
1. Phreatic line ? Why is it important ?
2. Earthen dam types of filter, eqn of base parabola ?
3. Traps and seals ? Why given – Gully trap and S trap? Where is it located ?
4. What are soil reinforcements ? How do they reinforce soil. Name some more.
5. How would you reinforce black cotton soil ?
6. Runway cross section- draw full, explain elements ?
7. Taxiway ?
8. Dispersion area ?
9. Hanger ?
Member 3
1. To design a weir, 10000 cumec discharge is present, find its length.
2. Guide bund design full, elements and length, what are prerequisite data. Which leg is big us or ds and by what amount.
3. Looseness factor
4. Adv of earthen canals over lined canals
5. Problems in earthen canals and its adjoining areas
6. Coefficient of curvature and its uses
7. Cc of flyash.
Thanks !