Name Rishav Karan
Exam Qualified BPSC AE
Rank NA
Brief description of panel members Chariman & 3 members
Number of technical questions asked 13
Number of non-technical questions asked None
Interview Questions 1) Define frog in bricks
2) Dimension and use of frog and how to place it
3) how does doors automatically closes after opening it give the mechanism of it
4) what is standard size and nominal size of bricks and thickness of mortar used in brick masonary
5) what is mix proportion of c:s in case of brick masonary and ceiling plastering
6) what are difference b/w header & strecher bond
7) draw sfd bnd of given beams
8) explain the test with help of vicar apparatus
9) what is briquette mould
10) difference b/w culvert and bridges
11) difference b/w high rise bridges and normal bridges
12) what are different categories of road and give there design speed
13) what is hume pipe & where it is used?