Name Sudhanshu Kumar
Exam Qualified ISRO Scientist Civil
All India Rank 8
Brief description of panel members Panel consists of total around 10 to 11 senior scientists of ISRO,Out of which 8 to 9 members asked questions and rest were just observing. As interview was through video conferencing due to covid at ISRO HQ Delhi. And panel was connected from different centers of ISRO across India. There were 3 LED Screens placed at a distance of around 10m in a confere hall. So thats why i was unable to count exact number of panel members. A camera and mic system was placed infront of me.
Number of technical questions asked 25
Number of non-technical questions asked Only two, 1) Introduce yourself and 2)do you have any problem if you will be posted in South
Interview Questions 1. Briefly describe your project. Since it was based on Compaction and consolidation characteristics of pond ash.So next questions are from project only.
2. What is the difference between Compaction And consolidation.
3. How formation of soil takes place.
4. What is Pond Ash.
5. Do you have done this project for your interest or just to satisfy curriculum needs. I said for my interest sir.
6.How will you use this project in solving real life problems.
7. Where you can use pond ash.
8. What is Over consolidation, Under Consolidation, And Normal Consolidation of soil. ( TRANSFERED TO NEXT MEMBER)
9. How will you design Size, Shape and Reinforcement of RCC Beam.
10. When wil you provide singly and doubly reinforced beam.
11. Describe under,over Reinforced and Balance section.
12. Which is not recommended and why. (TRANSFERRED TO NEXT MEMBER).
13. Stages of Construction and Planning of a building. How many types of costs involve in a project briefly describe.
14. What is overhead cost.
15.What is contingency cost.
16. What is obsolescence.
17. Do you know about MS-Project. ( TRANSFERED TO NEXT MEMBER).
18. How will you control pollution.
19. How can we dispose Mask, we are using.
20.What is thermal pyrolysis. (TRANSFERRED TO NEXT MEMBER).
21. What is ductility
22. Difference between Ductility and malleability. How can we design economical section through SOM. Last Chairman SIr asked- Do you have any problem if you ill be posted in south.
NOTE- Some questions may be missed.