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Shweta Singh

Exams Qualified/ Rank: ESE mains, GATE-,133, SSC JE-186, UPPSC

Current Organization: IOCL

Disha Joshi

Exams Qualified/ Rank:Combined State Engineering Services Uttarakhand-07

Current Organization: AE at PWD Uttarakhand

Shivansh Kumar Rai

Exams Qualified/ Rank:ESE-109

Current Organization: NA

Aditya Kanwat

Exams Qualified/ Rank:GATE-462

Current Organization: IOCL

Abhishek Gillella

Exams Qualified/ Rank: ESE / AIR-25

Current Organization: CPWD

Anubhav Kumar

Exams Qualified/ Rank:ESE/ AIR-101

Current Organization: IDSE

Bhaskar Sonber

Exams Qualified/ Rank:ESE-117

Current Organization: IRSE

Devendra Patel

Exams Qualified/ Rank:ESE

Current Organization: Assistant Director/ Central Water Commision

Ram Vivek Kumar

Exams Qualified/ Rank: GATE/ AIR-181

Current Organization: IOCL

Rohit Kumar Rajpoot

Exams Qualified/ Rank: GATE-63, AAI-07,IOCL, ONGC, HPCL

Current Organization: NA

Shivam Singh

Exams Qualified/ Rank:ESE, GATE-14

Current Organization: NA

Nupur Tripathi

Exams Qualified/ Rank:ESE-56

Current Organization: CES

Akshay Wagh

Exams Qualified/ Rank: Water Resource State Department-17

Current Organization: Water Resource Department

Priya Soni

Exams Qualified/ Rank: State Engineering Services-11

Current Organization: Public Health Engineering Department


Exams Qualified/ Rank: UKPSC-65

Current Organization: PWD Uttarakhand

Ambareesh Singh

Exams Qualified/ Rank: ESE-52

Current Organization: Military Engineering Services

Neha Gupta

Exams Qualified/ Rank: MPPSC-23

Current Organization: PWD

Ajit Singh Patel

Exams Qualified/ Rank: GATE, ESE, UPPSC

Current Organization: UPPWD

Shubham Inde

Exams Qualified/ Rank: Maharashtra State Exam-219

Current Organization: Town Planning Department Maharashtra

Saloni Sanjay Nikam

Exams Qualified/ Rank: GATE-438, MPPSC-16

Current Organization: PWD Maharashtra

Vividh badaya

Exams Qualified/ Rank: GATE-173, MPPSC-52, DLB AE-21

Current Organization: Greater Municipal Corporation

Sonali Singh

Exams Qualified/ Rank: GATE, MPPSC, VYAPAM

Current Organization: Water Resources Department

S Rukhsar ali

Exams Qualified/ Rank: MPPSC-16

Current Organization: Urban administration and development department

Seema patel

Exams Qualified/ Rank: MPPSC, GATE, RVNL, MP sub engineer

Current Organization: Madhya Pradesh water resources department

Priyanka Panjabi

Exams Qualified/ Rank: Bihar JE-208

Current Organization: Surveyor Engineer, Revenue Department

Megha sahu

Exams Qualified/ Rank:MP Sub engineer and CG sub engineer-67

Current Organization: MPWRD sub engineer

Priyanka Takhar

Exams Qualified/ Rank: GATE-254

Current Organization: Assistant Engineer in Municipal Corporation Jaipur

Nancy jain

Exams Qualified/ Rank: MPPS-16

Current Organization:M.P. Public Health Engineering Department

Neha Dubey

Exams Qualified/ Rank: MPPSC-35

Current Organization: Sub Divisional Officer, Water Resources Department

Aditya singh

Exams Qualified/ Rank:State exam Punjab water supply and sanitation-237

Current Organization: PWD

Shilpi Bhatt

Exams Qualified/ Rank: CESE Uttarakhand -23

Current Organization: AE, Irrigation Department


Exams Qualified/ Rank: GATE-657

Current Organization:IOCL